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12/31/19 09:12 AM #1    

Ned Omberg

Thanks to Lino and the other organizers of the 60th Class Reunion, and to Barbie for the pictures.  We had a great time.  My only regret was not having longer to talk to people, and not being able to connect with people who were not there.  Sharon said several times that she thought it was an exceptionally nice group of people.  She is Calexico High Class of 1960: smaller, hotter, and on the border, but otherwise not so different from Santa Maria.

Happy New Year to everyone!


02/04/20 02:46 PM #2    

Jeanie Baker (Lapp)

I guess Better Late than Never. I had one all type up ready to send & I couldn't spell Iliff and when I checked profiles my book disappeared. So we will test my short term memory which stinks.  Mary Jane & Lee and your committee did a great job with the planning, developing, and pulling off a very special reunion. Lee I loved the food inspite of the fact you voted down Chocolate Deserts. You know a few of us don't drink alcohol but we still need our addition Chocolate, it gives you the same hi I guess, definitely the same weight an etc.I hope you guys will be up to continuing them even thou you've been at it so many years doing an awsome job. Our class mates are leaving this world quickly as we experienced at the reunion time. I loved seeing all the ones I had a chance to visit with. I just wish some of those who have never attended could come. For some of us it isn't just a high school reunion, as its a life reunion. Such as George Guzman, you joined our lives in the 4th grade when you moved next door to Lolly Hogle. You and Lee escorted Lolly & I home from movies to keep us safe according to Mrs. Hogle . Thank you old friend, would love to see you some day before its to late. Too late comes quickly. James Santiago, I don't know when we met, but I feel I have a special bond with you since you help teach me about life in study hall. (I won't go into details but would love to see you one more time) . David Hobbs, for unmentioned circumstances, I didn't get to even say hello to you. A 2nd grade reunion. haha.  Dale Iliff it was fun remenesing about the world series at your house in probably 4th, 5th, or 6th grade. Not sure when, remember I can claim brain damage ligititly.


Again, Mary Jane, Lee & committee, thank you again for the awesome job you have done for many years. May God Bless and Keep You Strong and healthy until we meet again. Jeanie Lapp.







02/05/20 05:58 AM #3    

James Santiago


Well, I'm still around. I have 2 teenage grandchildren in HS and now I have a 3rd who will be three next month. She spends most days with us. We kind of got set in our ways then this little girl comes along and creates total havoc. She is such great fun!

Been retired so long I can barely remember what is was like to work for a living. Haven't been out for a HS reunion but might try to make th next one. I get out to SM on occasion. We were out there in July.

Glad to see that your still around. So many of our classmates are leaving. I check the obits just to make sure I'm not listed.

Jim S..




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